About Us

Boniair (Бониер), founded in the year 1996, is an air company with base airport near Sveti Nikole, where 10 airplanes of the "An 2" type permanently are moved, land and take off.

In the frames of the overall activities of the company there are the following: work in the agriculture, in forestry, spraying against mosquitoes, extinguishing forest fire, recording from air, pilot training, modification of the meteorological conditions, as well as work in the sphere of tourism, through realization of panoramic and air taxi flights.

Boniair realizes its quality professional activites not only in our country but also in Serbia and Montenegro and Bulgaria.

Boniair has its own instruction staff and school center where sports pilots are trained, on the airplanes of the type "Cesna 172" and "An 2".

The quality of its high professional activities, especially on the plan of the security, is based on its own system of technical maintenance of the flying fleet.

This is our air company "Boniair", you are welcome to take off! But, don't forget that we are needed for your peaceful dream in war against the boring mosquitoes, tillage and forests, extinguishing forests fire and modification of meteorological conditions.

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Our address:

Bonier D.O.O.E.L.
Bul. "О. Revolucija" 32/13
1300, Kumanovo

Base airport:
Peshirevo - Sv. Nikole

Phone: +389 (0) 32 440 890
Mobile: +389 (0) 70 211 391
Fax: +389 (0) 32 440 890
e-mail: boniair_mk@yahoo.com